Vanity metrics are out

Stop the insanity of fixating on the number of people paying attention to you. We have come full circle in the digital marketing world.

Remember 2007, ten years ago? Social media infiltrated our lives, and we navigated the cyberscape by connecting and communicating with people. The pace was slower than today’s digital grounds, and the intensity of FOMO was lower amongst users.

Fast forward five years to 2012. People scurried to find best strategies for calling attention and growing their audiences. Some digital trends peaked and burned within six months as news-feed algorithms changed, software applications upgraded, technologies evolved, and more and more users connected online, especially through smart mobile phones.

MySpace used to dominate the social media scene. Imagine the possibility that today’s scene could be obsolete in 2027 with technologies advancing and more users in the world connecting. It’s not only possible, but it’s also probable. What good are numbers if they aren’t guaranteed to follow you through the seasons of digital change?

Think about it and follow-up by reading my next article that uses balloons as a metaphor for deciphering between quantity and quality.


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