Instant tips for Instagram

Digital marketing requires ongoing study to stay on top of all the changes and updates. I’ve recently started managing an Instagram account for a small business and want to share the most useful tips that have proven to be effective!

  1. Use a minimum of 11 hashtags. Posts with at least that many will circulate much greater than using 10 or less. 
  2. Posts with ample negative space entice more viewers to stop and look. It’s akin to the feeling of walking into a crisp clean hotel room.
  3. Switch up your location with each post. One post can stamp your actual business address. Make the next post location as your neighborhood; and the one after that, your town or city.
  4. Mix up the content of your posts. Rule of thumb is that 20% of your content should be promotional. Other content includes posts that are inspirational, educational or entertaining. (Just be sure that the content blends well with your brand and business).
  5. Mention or tag someone in as many posts as possible to extend your reach. Be judicious and make sure that the mention and/or tag is applicable in order to practice responsible digital citizenship!

I hope this brief blog article offers quick useful advice. The last thing anyone needs is more digital distress. Baby steps can make large scale improvements!


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