5 tips for writing rousing headlines

Headlines, titles, and subject lines matter the most. Spend more time writing them than the body of your article or email. Follow these easy-to-remember words of advice:

  1. Keep it short and simple. A good rule of thumb is to use 6 to 8 words. If you can use less than 6, even better!
  2. Include your keyword. Use of keywords are essential to inform your reader and make your content easier to find. In the case of this blog, “writing headlines” will be searchable by its URL slug and blog category. If you’re not sure which key word to use, research the one that is most commonly searched (i.e. “headlines,” “titles,” or “subject lines’). A helpful resource tool is: keywordtool.io/
  3. Use a thesaurus. Instead of using “captivating” in my title, I spent time searching for the right descriptive word. I sought a word that conveyed waking-up. It took time, but I decided to use “rousing.” Word choice is creative and fun – why not spend time on it?
  4. Forget grammar. The digital era has lent permission to use acronyms, emoji’s and shortened words (i.e. “Isn’t that fab?”). Just get to the point so that the viewer can make a split-second decision on whether to read or save your content for later.
  5. Attach a feature image to your article. Pictures convey much more information quickly. Research studies continuously prove that pictures gain higher engagement than plain text. If you are writing an email subject headline, consider using 1 emoji.

If you are really serious and want an assessment score on impact of your proposed title, use a headline analyzer tool like the one from Sharethrough.

Good luck and have fun!


2 thoughts on “5 tips for writing rousing headlines

  1. Jordan says:

    Hi. Thanks! It’s a useful info.
    What other keyword tools I can use? Can you name any?
    I know there is a tool called SerpStat. Is their data good?
    Need someones advice

    Liked by 1 person

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