7 types of content to breed on social media

Can you guess the 7 breed types mixed-in these 3 dogs?

Diversify your type of content to keep your audience engaged. One main goal of social media marketing is being consistently and interestingly visible. Don’t limit your self to just promotions and article shares! Think of these 7 categories when diversifying your feed!

  1. Breaking news/current events relevant to interest of your audience as well in theme with your brand.
  2. Knowledge – impart wisdom and information to others in form of original or curated content.
  3. Engagement cues – prompt a discussion by soliciting opinions and participation from others. This can be something as simple as a poll or more extravagant like a photo contest.
  4. Brand promotions and announcements. Post upcoming events, awards, successes, business updates and published works.
  5. Brain break. Give your audience a brief release of serotonin with something that makes them smile or laugh. Be sure the content does not contradict your brand’s values.
  6. Person to person. React, respond, or solicit “inter-virtual” connection. Please practice responsible digital citizenship and censor self. Decipher when it is more appropriate for DM.
  7. Pearls of wisdom. Sometimes, poignant quotes and certain photos can convey exceptional lessons and reminders with better impact than an entire white paper. Point in case:


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