19 anomalies of LinkedIn and counting

I compiled a list of anomalies that I’ve experienced or been told about first hand. Please add to the list in comments if you know more. Knowing the quirks saves time and frustration!

  1. The algorithm for the feed is a mystery.
  2. Post view data is not consolidated across profiles and pages. To know true reach, you would have to look at each time you posted the same content, plus look at the extent of reach from each time your post was shared by one of your connections.
  3. If all followers are also counted as connections, then why do some profiles have less followers than connections? Mathematically you should always have an equal or greater number of followers than connections. Or, suggestion- how about followers are counted as followers and connections are counted as connections. Simply add the two numbers and you have your total reach.
  4. Publishing an article from the mobile app is not possible.
  5. The mention operator (@) sometimes works via the screen interface prompt only, and not your mobile keyboard.
  6. Some people and companies are unable to be mentioned because they do not appear on the list of suggestions that populates after selecting the “@” operative.
  7. Sometimes you can mention those people and companies if you type each letter very slowly – no rhyme or reason as to when and why this happens.
  8. Hold your breath if there is a space in the name of the person or company you wish to mention, sometimes the whole suggestion list disappears and sometimes the list remains while factoring in the space.
  9. Notifications are not created equal. Some show up in your feed without a flag. Others show up in your Notification Center.
  10. Your view of your header is not the view that your connections see.
  11. The purported view that others have (“click here to view as your connections”) is also not the view that your connections see. Be open to the fact that any part of your header may be out of view by your profile pic, margins, adapted shift, and/or an Ad Bar.
  12. Header view also varies by device. Even if you get your header to be viewed perfectly on desktop, it won’t translate to tablets & mobiles.
  13. Sometimes functions disappear and reappear. This could be over a period of hours, days or weeks.
  14. Different screen views sometimes show different numbers of connections. So which number is correct? Or are neither of them correct
  15. It’s not actually known how number of views for each post is configured.
  16. Analytic data for both profiles and company pages fail to offer key insights like time and day that your posts do well. You can monitor on your own without automated data collection, but it requires a lot of extra work, constant checking back, and an organized strategy.
  17. The profile edit doesn’t offer function to upload a logo for places you have worked. Unless the organization created a company page, you are stuck with the default briefcase icon.
  18. A company page cannot be created without an email address with a domain that specifically matches the name of your operation.
  19. Work tickets can be in the queue for months and sometimes come back to you without an explanation or reason for anomaly.

Considering the changing scheme of 21st century business, LinkedIn needs to consider and map the user journey of all user types. We the users are savvy and know that a better functioning and flexible platform is possible – because we experience it elsewhere. If LinkedIn does not adapt, it will be replaced by a platform that has flexible functionality, fluid userability, and strong automated data collecting capability. As of now, BeBee appears to be the best contender for outperforming LinkedIn as a professional social network platform.
If you need help understanding your LinkedIn feed and analytics, text me at (214) 537-1852 to schedule a phone consultation. 


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