A to Z: free resources & tools for D-I-Y marketers

I wrote a quick list of tools that I use that may help some small business owners out there doing it yourself! I list my favorites after Z!

A – Animoto, Analyze Headline
B – Bitly, Buffer
C – Canvas, Crowdfire, Cliche Finder
D – Digital Story Center
E – Enhance
F – Followerwonk, Focus Writer
G – Grammarly, Google
H – Hootsuite, Hemingway Editor, HARO
I – Instapaper
J – Join.me, Jing
K – Keyword Tool
L – Locowise Instagram Analyzer
M – Mail Chimp
N – Newsle
O – Ottanscribe
P – Pexels
Q – Quintly, Quicksprout
R – Readability
S – Scrib’d, Sketch Club, SERP title tool
T – Tweet Deck, Toggl
U – UK vs US Spellings, Unroll Me
V – Video Downloader
W – WordPress
X – Xmind
Y – Yoast
Z – Zoho

Not one day goes by that I do not use Pexels for free stock photos, Grammarly to point out writing mistakes during routine posting and replies, and Analyze Headline for testdriving captivating blog titles or email subject lines!

P.S. I’ll add to the list as I find more 😉.


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