5 rules to manage digital distress

A, E, I, O, U – Five vowels for five rules:

Avoid Avoidance
Just as it suggests, do not put things aside for later. Avoidance is a defense coping mechanism for anxiety. The irony is that the longer you avoid, the greater the anxiety.

End Unfinished Projects Before Starting New
If you have a number of loose ends and unfinished projects, end them! Use the excitement of starting the new project as an incentive for tieing loose ends once and for all. Note that there are several different endings including deletion, abandonment, or less great that what you envisioned. Do not beat yourself up over any projects that did not go your way. We learn more from making mistakes. It takes courage to admit making one. Just be prudent when taking on your next endeavor and make a strategic plan for getting it done. A failure to plan is a plan to fail.

Ignore Irrelevant Stimuli

OHIO – Only Handle It Once

Under Promise and Over Deliver

The digital world offers many conveniences but, it can also threaten concentration, organization, and anxiety. Humans have to adapt to lifestyle changes in a functional and helpful manner or risk their sanity. In subsequent posts, we will break down each “rule” to gain a deeper understanding of its applied meaning. Digital distress be gone!

Don’t fret, we’ll break it down … promise!

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