How to market like a Kardashian or Trump

My tolerance for Kardashian-style marketing antics has hit the wall.  In the midst of Aleppo falling, Kendall and Kylie tweeted to their followers asking them to explore Budapest with them on their mobile game app. This past weekend, Rob and Chyna’s conflictual relationship played out on social media, just prior to Sunday’s show resumption. Kanye’s visit to Trump diverted mainstream attention away from a much anticipated, yet canceled, press conference that was sure to confront conflicts of interest between Trump’s civic duties and business ventures.

I’m not for or against Trump. I’m not for or against the Kardashians. I just want to receive information without the nonsense so that I can make informed decisions on what programs to watch, games to purchase and presidential candidates to vote for.

Fed up, I started to ponder, “does marketing interfere with informed decision-making?” Yes and no. Marketing is neither bad nor good, wrong nor right. Marketing plainly exists as a vessel for communicating whatever, however and whomever we want.

If you seek an empire, opt for a Kardashionesque or Trumpesque marketing strategy, follow these tips:

  • sexual imagery grabs attention
  • extreme narcissistic and grandiose statements turn heads
  • nonstop family drama gains followers and sympathizers
  • haters are going to hate, the more the better … they fan the flames
  • scandals boost attention and drive financial value to your personal brand
  • fake and/or worthless news that sensationalizes the audience via mainstream corporate media is perfectly acceptable for building notoriety and mega wealth

This is obviously a sarcastic post, but nevertheless, it provokes thought on “winning” marketing strategies. Marketing is not a fixed concept; strategies vary based on drivers’ intent and definition of success.





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