Overwhelmed? First Thing’s 1st

my-heart-avatarDigital distress is a term that I use to describe the phenomenon of endless information surrounding us these days. It can be overwhelming to figure out what’s valuable and useful content. Then there’s the additional pressure of distracting Ads, procrastination temptations, and fear of losing track of information you deem worthy.

First, you’re not alone. Take a deep breath and promise yourself that you are going to accomplish your work one step at a time. You don’t need to master the ins and outs of every marketing platform right this moment. You will learn exactly what you need to know; have faith that what’s confusing today will make sense eventually.

It’s impossible to master every communication channel across the digital marketing continuum. Start with what is intuitive to you now and build from there. Whether it’s Instagram, a newsletter, or managing a website, commit to focusing on one communication platform that comes naturally and easy to you. The others can be sidelined for a short time and don’t even think about taking on something new when you haven’t yet mastered the old.

jugglingAs your marketing efforts strengthen on one channel, gradually start building the next one. It’s like ball juggling – get the rhythm and feel for juggling 2 balls before throwing in a third one. Recognize that it may take longer during your next ramping-up phase because you’re adding new and maintaining the old. Finally, keep yourself optimistic by honoring daily progress and growth, even if it’s as tiny as identifying the optimal size for your Twitter header graphic.

BTW, that optimal Twitter header is 1500 x 500. Go to Louise Myers for all your best visual advice! Check out her cheat sheet.


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