10 Twitter Tips

  1. One picture can say more than 1000 words
  2. Be in the conversation. Real time tweets are better than scheduled ones. Keep scheduled tweets to a minimum.
  3. Encourage conversation with questions. People love to talk.
  4. Respond to mentions as soon as possible to show appreciation and reachability.
  5. Show interest in others and they will show interest in you.
  6. Tweet 100-120 characters (even though 140 allowed) to increase chance that your post will be retweeted.
  7. To help personalize engagements, organize lists based on conversation style rather than content (i.e. funny, inspirational, news updaters, advocacy voices, promoters, options, et al).
  8. Use no more than two hashtags.
  9. Use resources like Bitly to shorten your links
  10. Always proof before tweeting (errors and misspellings is like answering your front door in a bathrobe instead of your clothing).

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